Sustainable ICO Marketing, Community Growth and Fundraising

Accelerate the organic growth of your blockchain company



Blockchain companies that are looking to raise funds through an Initial Coin Offering will go through three crucial phases: Pre-ICO, ICO and Post-ICO, each with it’s own unique set of challenges. As a strategic partner, our goal is to alleviate the additional workload to your team during these phases by organizing community growth, spreading awareness and finding the right investors.

Community Growth

In the world of Blockchain it’s clear that traditional forms of marketing have become much less effective. Awareness is driven and spread by enthusiasts, micro-influencers and experts though niche communities on platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Medium and Reddit.

Financial Growth

Early access to capital is paramount for the initial growth of blockchain companies during the Pre-ICO phase. Setting up the right funding strategy that matches your needs by facilitating investor introductions and creating models for token sale structures that include incentives for long-term investing.

Network of Influencers

Our network of open and private communities on Telegram, WhatsApp and Reddit have a proven track record of fostering organic growth to get your project the attention it deserves, rapidly.  In addition, we have access to journalists, bloggers and Twitter/YouTube channels with large followings that are able to communicate your company message to a selected target audience.

Early Investments

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